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Hoff Family

From June 18, 2006 Journal

Today, being Father's Day, I spent it reminiscing about family. I'm sure all fathers feel their children are the greatest! Well, this dad sure does! All four are as caring and nice as their mother!

Dean is the oldest and is a high school math teacher in Somerset, WI. Just the type of person you want teaching your child. He cares about each indvidual's total well-being. He also is an assistant football coach. (Somerset has one of the best high school football programs in the state of WI.) Erin is his wife, who also teaches. They have two children, Liv and Rory. Liv is 4 and all miss and a young lady. Rory is 2 and is definitely going to be a football player. Just a little bull!

Eric (2nd oldest) lives in Superior with his girlfriend, Suzy and her children, Phil, Brian and Breckin. He works for Superior Glass. He also is a very accomplished artist. Over the years he's been working on a number of artist ideas including cartoons. The one I like the best he calls Feebles, which relates to people my age and their forgetfulness. Maybe someday he'll get the break he needs to get such a career going. Again, a very caring person who is a great uncle to his brother's and sister's children.

Heidi is our only girl and lives right down the end of our driveway. She works as a medical assistant at The Duluth Clinic in Duluth, MN. Husband Nate works for the railroad and identical twins, Devin and Drake (just finished kindergarden) and 7 month old daughter Ryah Marie keep their grandmother very busy. Devin and Drake are on the move all the time and Ryah is just as pretty as her mother. Again, Heidi has all of her mother's great traits and is a super mother. Oh, and I guess, daddy's sweetheart!

Ryan taught school at the local high school in Superior. As most may know we lost Ryan on December 28, 2002. Four days later, on January 1st his girlfriend, Heather gave birth to their daughter, Lily Ryan. Lily is all tomboy! She will be a very good athlete like her father. Heather is a great mother, but definitely has her hands full keeping up with Lily!

You can learn more about Ryan if you look at the home page on this website.  In the Ryan' Foundation tab, there is a link you can click onto called Spartan Spin. Students at Superior HS dedicated an issue of their high school paper in memory of Ryan. Also our community has started the Ryan Hoff Memorial Youth Foundation which I will talk more about at a later time.

Right now I'm getting a little teary eyed and will just say I miss him tremendously, as I do my entire family.

Lu, you are very special. I could not ask for a better wife. Your caring and loving feelings for all has made our family. Love you very much!

Happy Father's Day to all!